Purpose of this blog

The sole purpose of this blog is to set forth what is known about motorcycle training and safety apart from the spin generated by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the front group for the motorcycle manufacturers. As a consequence, it appears negative and even “anti-MSF” because the information contained is so contrary at times to the official portrait created by MSF and the official statements released by them.

If you are looking for–or interested in–essays on motorcycle culture or history of motorcycling (rather than motorcycles) or other thoughts of mine or information on my life, please visit Riderchick (http://riderchick.wordpress.com/)

All information on the blog is documented. If unnamed sources are used, it was with great reluctance and yet those sources met the journalistic guidelines for allowing sources to conceal their identity.

Comments are welcome and approved as long as they do not disparage or defame any individual and are not profane. I reserve the right to post or not post any comment, allow someone to participate or not to participate. The only right the reader has is to read what is posted on the blog.

In the past, I have been deceived by a few–someone who pretended to be a friend but used it to launch vicious personal attacks and also sent crude and nasty comments under a variety of Journalspace aliases and so forth. And then there was someone I knew who pretended to be someone I didn’t know in order to mislead me. These actions were uncalled for and unacceptable. Unfortunately, all must now suffer because of these few who acted in bad faith. Anonymous commentators are no longer allowed without my pre-approval. You must contact me at my e-mail address introducing yourself with some means of verification. You should also include the pseudonym you will use. At that point, I’ll be happy to approve comments you send in as long as they meet WordPress.com guidelines.


2 Comments on “Purpose of this blog”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Please check the comments on this piece. I would love to have your feedback.

  2. wmoon Says:

    It’s fascinating that only negative comments have been posted on MSF’s press release. Fascinating information as well. What’s happening in NY is very much like what happened in California when MSF took over. Too bad riders and rider educators haven’t been listening to me and doing proactive work rather than just reacting after the fact. But at least people are now daring to speak up! Good comments on the site! Keep it up. We have to fight back before all is lost.

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