More motorcycle commercials you’ll never see in the USA

Here’s another THINK! commercial–this one aimed at riders “The Day You Went to Work

TAC Shock Motorcycle Oct 2009 which has some critical video responses (check the side bar at the site).

TAC Motorcycle safety video “Put yourself in their shoes”

This next THINK! one might be a little too cerebral for Americans “Give motorcyclists a second thought

And a different version of the naked rider one. And another.

The next one “Sorry, mate, I didn’t see you” clearly isn’t aimed at cagers feeling more friendly and aware of us–rather, it expresses the anger and frustration riders feel–and that’s legitimate though the action isn’t but this is meant to be funny and not serious.

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6 Comments on “More motorcycle commercials you’ll never see in the USA”

  1. DataDan Says:

    This isn’t an ad, it’s a 13-minute film produced the California Highway Patrol. It’s graphic in places, and it’s emotional in the interviews, but I think it’s extremely effective. FYI, I got a copy on DVD at a local CHP open house.

  2. Young Dai Says:

    You have to love those Devon Boys ! BTW the www code at the back shows it was an offical PSA, not a dodgy viral.

    Currently on the Roadsafety website of the County.

    Devon is a very bike friendly organisation

    Of the three saftey E’s (Education,Engineering and Enforcement), they have so far concentrated on the first two.

    This page may also be of interest to you Wendy

    The two Transport for London PSA’s . The first one ran as a campaign over breakfast and tea-time TV.

    The optical illusion was too cerebal for us Brits as well, and I have never seen it on the TV. However it is on TfL’s website, they show it at the London Bikesafe events , and I think if had a season round the cinema’s as well.

  3. wmoon Says:

    Young Dai–I’m glad you brought up the Devon thing. I had scoped it out fairly thoroughly but had lost sight of it over the years.

  4. wmoon Says:

    DataDan, I like that CHP piece and wrote about it when it came out. I wonder why it’s not on youtube?

  5. Jim Says:

    A couple of those clips show ‘high side’ get offs due to locking the front wheel, a good argument for ABS

  6. wmoon Says:

    Jim, I’m not sure how much weight can be put on the kind of crash in the adverts since it was staged for the commercial. However, ABS brakes are more effective when used correctly.

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