MS don’t need no stinkin’ advice either

I had noted that the changes MIC/H-D want in the New Jersey state motorcycle program is to remove the Advisory board–traditionally the way actual motorcyclists and state motorcycle rights activists had a say in motorcycle safety and safety training–from the program.

The Mississippi bills have no provision for an advisory board at all. Iow, only the Motorcycle Safety Director and the entity that will run the program will have a say in anything regarding motorcycle safety and motorcycle safety training–excuse me, it’s not motorcycle safety training, it’s operator training.

In two cases (so far) we’ve seen MIC and H-D working to remove any citizen, grass-roots ability to have a voice in what affects them in literal life and death ways.

Along with that, the bill establishes the position of “Motorcycle Safety Director”. The Motorcycle Safety Director answers to the Commissioner of Public Safety, which is a political appointment. That makes it a very thin thread of accountability, supervision and consistency. Particularly because, as the bill is written, that director could actually be an employee of MSF and not even working or living in the state.

The corollary is that in two cases (so far) we’ve seen the motorcycle manufacturers make a power grab by eliminating the voice of the ones who are most effected by what this state program does and doesn’t do.

It’s motorcyclists who pay–out of their own specially levied taxes–for the program. Shouldn’t the motorcyclists have the primary say on how and why and when that money is spent on what?

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