Phoenix rising: Moonrider reborn

On New Year’s Eve, I got up to find an e-mail from a reader from the old Journalspace blog. He commiserated with me about the death of Journalspace and he hoped that I had the data elsewhere and would post it elsewhere. What on earth was he talking  about? So I checked and sure enough somehow–the drives that contained all the Journalspace data had been wiped clean. Everything was gone forever. So no more Journalspace. No more Moonrider. No more information that contradicts the official view of the motorcycle industry about rider training.

A few weeks before, I had written I was taking a break. I was very discouraged at the time–I felt I had worked very hard for years to little effect. I said it was a break but I really had planned to give it up entirely. I was just going to take a couple months before I said it definitively. Otoh, it had been four years of my life and a hell of a lot of very hard work, thousands of dollars and a whole lot of heartache–and even though it had done little good, it was still there in case it was helpful to someone some day. And now it was gone forever. And it was four years of work–and to have it disappear entirely was unpleasant.

I thought about it a lot yesterday and decided there is a value in having an alternative view of the efficacy and safety of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider training curriculum available on the Internet. I do have a copy of most of the material that was posted on the Journalspace Moonrider Blog–but not in a form that could be easily just copied over into a new blog or website. And I’ve lost all the valuable comments readers had shared over the years. It’s not an easy thing–nor necessarily a valuable thing to repost it as it was. For one thing, it would be almost impossible to duplicate the order of entries. Nor would it be particularly helpful to do it in that way.

What was a disaster for Journalspace, then, gives me a chance to re-create a body of work that gives a non-industry and non-governmental perspective on rider training and motorcycle safety. Do it differently this time–and hopefully I will be able to do a little more effectively.

So that’s what I’m going to do over time–I’m just going to do it a little differently. And I’ll continue to write on issues that have come up recently and those that will come up in the future.

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13 Comments on “Phoenix rising: Moonrider reborn”

  1. Beth Says:

    From out of the ashes stars will rise with the moon and what a great place to ride!! I miss your blog and now I will be hitching a ride with you again. Best wishes for a really good 2009.

  2. A. Tam Says:

    May peace, love and happiness be with you and yours in the New Year!

  3. anonymous Says:

    All the google caches are still there if there’s something for which you don’t have a copy

  4. 1200Supportster Says:


    Don’t EVER think that the work you did had no effect. It is so very much appreciated by so many people. You are the hero of the true motorcycle safety instructors. Plus you are the conscience (if there is one) of the M$F. Without you, there is no one to be a balance to the “establishment”.


  5. Dinosaur Says:

    I was crushed to read that Journalspace was dead. What a wonderful New Year’s gift to see that you are rising from the ashes. Wherever this journey takes you, know that I’ll be along for the ride.


  6. Jeff Brenton Says:

    Google Cache to the rescue…

    Queries like “moonrider illinois” will bring up recent copies of things, and clicking on the cached version can allow for rescue of a lot of categorized stuff.

  7. gymnast Says:

    Welcome back, Courageous.

  8. Bill Says:

    Glad to see you back online. As I said in my last comment on the jounalspace site, I may not always agree with you, but you usually provide alot of food for thought.
    Stick with it, changes will come one day.

  9. “and even though it had done little good”

    ummmm excuse me? You open one pair of eyes they open another and another and another…..

    We all get burnt out and ask ourselves what for. Then we keep on keeping on. We must, YOU must.


  10. BusaBoy Says:

    Viva THE MoonRider!

    Welcome back and Thank You – Your counsel is VERY much needed.


  11. Lee Keller King Says:

    OMG! I wondered what had happened and why I was not getting updates. I thought something had happened to you, Wendy.

    Glad to see you back up.


  12. wmoon Says:

    Thanks, Lee!

  13. Lee Keller King Says:


    You still in the Midwest? How are things going otherwise?

    I’d email you but I don’t have the address.


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